The Process

My phone rings. It's you! Initially I am interested in what you are looking for. Sometimes clients know specifically; they have a picture or sample or saw something. Sometimes they don't know. They just know they want something unique and different. Usually there is a general idea of whether it's a faux finish, decorative effect (a hand painted border, for example), or a mural. In asking questions such as these I can determine which samples may be appropriate and which you may not be interested in. At this point we schedule a free one-hour consultation. I then come to your home with my portfolio and any samples or books, fan decks of paint chips - whatever the situation requires. Together we come to decisions about what you would like and a general idea of cost.

Faux Finishes and Decorative Effects

When a faux finish or decorative affect is requested, I can usually quote an exact price with the variable being material costs. If I am not certain of the material cost, I may have to confirm the price at a later time. All materials are included in the price. I guarantee my finishes and cannot be held responsible for a finish if I don't control the materials. Therefore, I prefer to use my own. Materials are not usually a large cost factor anyway, so it has yet to be an issue.

Once a faux finish is selected, I quote a price and write a proposal. When the proposal is accepted, a deposit is required prior to scheduling (see terms below). All schedules are on a first-come first-serve basis.


In the case of a mural, I usually quote rough estimates. Murals are innately more complicated and need to be thought through in a more structured and detailed manner. If a deposit is accepted, I will then proceed to designing a small sketch for approval. This is usually in pen or colored pencil, and is not extremely detailed, but gives a general idea of design, elements and color. At the second meeting I will submit this sketch for your approval and give a final price. Upon approval, I can begin the work. As with faux finishes, all projects are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. All murals are sealed with a light resistant coating to insure color stability for years to come.


I work Monday through Friday. Most of my clients work too, and arrange for my entry by giving me a key, or some feel more comfortable in taking time off and staying with me.

I schedule consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Monday through Friday 9 -4 pm if I am not on site. I will also schedule consultations on Saturdays when necessary, but there is an overtime fee if the weekend work is at the customer's request.


For projects less than $2,000, 1/3 is due prior to scheduling. I cannot schedule work without a deposit. The balance is due the day the project is completed. For projects over $2,000, I may require ongoing payments (1/3 deposit, 1/3 due halfway through and balance upon completion, for instance.) This is dependant on the length of time of the project, and individual projects will vary.



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