A Few Words from the Artist

Welcome to my website!

Not everyone can boast an occupation they truly love. I am fortunate enough to be one of those few. Not so long ago I was working a full time job in commercial printing and "making art" part time. But I have been lucky enough to be able to "take the plunge". Now I am committed to the art, completely and wholly.

I work closely with my clients and let their style dictate the direction of my ideas. I always try to enhance rather than overpower. I enjoy the development of the finish or mural as much as my customer's delight in the completed work. When the request is a complete room revision, I consider the entire area - not just one wall or room. The flow throughout the home or office is essential when determining the right color and finish. The most important time I spend with my clients is in those initial meetings when we come to know each other and I get a first glimpse of their personality and style. Coming to decisions on the desired look and ambiance, color and finish are always the cornerstone to excitement.

My inspiration comes from everything from HGTV to ancient architecture, though I find many ideas in nature. Some of the most unthinkable color combinations and textures are right there, so I try to be attentive to the natural things around me.

I am an avid collector of books on finishes and murals. I am constantly browsing the aisles in search of the latest publications. I am frequently in the hardware stores and on the Internet, investigating new products. And while learning through books and trying new products is essential, I also keep in touch with others in my field, sharing ideas and experiences. I do my best to set aside a minimum of one week a year to attend seminars and/or workshops throughout the United States - some of which are taught by those leading the field of decorative arts.

Please browse through the gallery. Perhaps you will become both inspired and excited by the thought of enhancing your home with a faux finish or decorative mural.